Mike Sondalini, LRS Consultants Global

“It was a fruitful meeting that was held on 26th October in Toulouse. It provided focus and delivered a plan to get new work for APSYS.

About the collaboration between APSYS and LRS:
APSYS has great capability and expertise in reducing operational risk, and in improving and optimising production processes, using its proprietary analysis software (e.g. SIMFIA, SIMLOG). LRS speciality is the design and optimisation of industrial maintenance and asset management processes to get world-class asset reliability using our Plant Wellness Way EAM (PWW EAM) methodology.

The purpose of the APSYS-LRS collaboration is to give APSYS access to PWW EAM so it can enter industrial markets across the world with a new solution for business risk elimination. The new service uses APSYS’ proven risk management expertise and software, combined with PWW EAM reliability improvement to remove the business risk in maintenance and asset management processes. This lets companies maximise operating asset performance and profits. Together, APSYS optimisation and PWW EAM reliability solutions can make plant and equipment exceptionally trouble-free, and thereby deliver the utmost operating profits from an operation.”